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Amsterdam, 1990, SIGNED  [click]

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Splended Isolation  [cliick]
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Views of the last spider on the edge of the world  [click] 




Frans Baake (The Netherlands,1958) studied Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts AKI in

Enschede. Afterwards he followed a course of Graphics at the Rijkacademie in Amsterdam.

Based on travels to islands (Aleutians, Falklands f.i.) he usually makes printings and

artists’ books, containing photographs, woodcuts, collages, texts, associations. He often

prints, binds and publishes them in a small edition. Books can be found in (international) collections.

For more detailed information please have a look at http://www.fransbaake.nl/?set_language=2


Frans Baake

Schumannlaan 22, 7522 KE  Enschede, The Netherlands

Tel. 0031 53 4777802 - info@fransbaake.nl