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Stéphan Barron: TRAITS LINES

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From 7th to 19th september 1989, Stephan Barron and Sylvia Hansmann followed the Greenwich Meridian

by car from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea andfrom Villers-sur-Mer to Castillon de la Plana.


With their car fax they regularly sent images and texts about their trip to other faxeslocated in 8 different

European locations (among them was Ars Electronica).


The straight line drawn by the two artists was materialised by fax Transmissions in the8 exhibition spaces

and in the spectator’s mind by imaginary lines, projections of theoriginal meridian.


Stephan Barron and Sylvia Hansmann thus created a new representation of line, one ofthe first symbols

of humanity, a mental representation that integrated space, time andthe human imagination. Pierre

Restany talks about the «fractalisation of the meridian».


For more thorough-going information (both texts and pictures) go to:




Stéphan Barron


sb@technoromanticism.com - www.technoromanticism.com



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