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Books in Editions:
About serendipity  [click]
Again Home  [click]
Calendar for Everyday Passing   [click]
Carpe diem, Calendar for 366 days  [click]
Hallo, Rabbit, isn't that you?   [click]
How To Connect Two Different Wor(l)ds in Our Nomadic Life  [click]
Identity crisis  [click]
I exist  [click]
Journey  [click]
In between here and there  [click]
Infinity and other numbers   [click]
Multi-culti  [click]
Passing continued  [click]
Paszport  [click]
Proofs for exhistence of the past  [click]
Proofs for existence of the time  [click]
Self-portrait in sixteen pieces  [click]
Taming metal objects  [click]   
Transience [click] 
Variation On A Theme Of Letters From Poland  [click]

Mixed Media Books:
36 days of drinking  [click]
About coincidence  [click]
About inability  [click]
A Double Whole  [click]
Al-Mutaqnabbi Street  [click]
Blue Book about the Past  [click]
Calendar for a past year  [click]
Czas Time  [click]
Censored  [click]
Certain difficulties with reading a text 2  [click]
Content meant contwentment  [click]
Daily level of anger of an underpaid employee  [click]
End  [click]
Far away  [click]
Forgotten conversation at the table  [click]
From ...  [click]
Form I-485  [click]
From there and from here  [click]
Here There  [click]
In transit  [click]
Letter from the Desert  [click]
Meditations and Dialogues  [click]
More  [click]
My Home in a Search of its Place  [click]
My home = my home  [click] 
Nature morte [click]
New Stories  [click]
Panta Rhel  [click]
Passing Continued  [click]
Quite a Long Conversation  [click]
Proof for Existence of Time [click]
Red toolbox stories  [click]
Relocation continued  [click]
Sampler from a Better World  [click]
Second Letter from a Desert  [click]
Seven Complicated Days  [click]
Something Round in the Picture  [click]
Short stories about drinking  [click]
Souvenir from Castelldefels  [click]
Souvenir from Poland  [click]
Souvenir from Rancho Linda Vista  [click]
Steps  [click]
Surface Mail  [click]
There and back here and back there  [click]

Time [click]
Transience  [click]
Variation on a Theme of Letters from Poland  [click]
Vertical Stories  [click]
Very Short Stoiries  [click]

Beata Wehr is an award winning visual artist and educator. She was born in Warsaw, Poland

and currently lives and works in Tucson, Arizona, traveling back to Europe every year.  

She graduated from Warsaw University in Poland with M.A. degree in art history and from the

University of Arizona with M.F.A. in painting/combined media. She paints and creates artist's

books, examining in her work  ideas of home, place, time, transience and multicultural experiences.

Her works were shown in many international and national exhibitions and are included in over 50

public collections in the USA and abroad.  Beata is currently an instructor at Pima Community

College in Tucson and is available for  workshops, private classes and critiques.


Beata Wehr

5155 N. Avenida Primera, Tuscon, Arizona 85704, USA

www.beatawehr.com - beatawehr@gmail.com