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Eileen White: Mc CALL's MULTI-BLUE

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Limited edition of 7. Signed, dated and numbered artist book. 2017. Digital print with hand stitching
and cloth bound spine. (Each copy unique).Somerset paper. Size: 22 x 10 cms, turkish map fold.

McCall's Multi-Blue is an interdisciplinary collaboration between a spatial interior designer, Belinda
Mitchell and Eileen White, a site-reponsive visual artist. The book examines the relationship between
contemporary book art practices and architecture, engineering, landscape and construction as a
form, function and structure, reimagining ways either books or buildings can inhabit and shape the
worlds. The form of this book is being used to explore representations of interiority and how this
language might be used to inform alternative methods to making buildings. It references a timber
floor joint from a C16th manor house in Prtsmouth as a synecdoche to discuss the affective qualities
of the manor. The book investigates the immaterial and material qualities of the joist through drawn
and written representations. Drawings of the timer are layered into the cover as a way of 'touching'
it's past histories and ongoing life as it decays


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