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No Rights  [click]
The Right to move  [click]
The Right of Return  [click]

      About these three Artist's Books:

Jóhanna Margrét Tryggvadóttir showed the three books at the travelling exhibition "HOME".
Although they differ in form and sizes, together the three books form a whole.
The artist explains the concept:
My first idea was to get friends and family to write down all the addresses of the places they
have lived at since they were born and to this day. Everyone was very keen to do it and started
to review their past and wanted to be very accurate, not forgetting a single address. Through
those lists many stories popped up which included almost invariably good and warm memories.
Then I started thinking about how very different fortunes are, depending on where we are born
in the world. In that context, I thought of Palestine and decided to make a book that refers to
the Palestinian people who were forced from their home in 1948 and their right to return back
home. The last book has a hole where it says: Gaza. The Gaza Strip is just fairly larger than
Reykjavík, the capitol of a free nation counting about 322.000 people. In Gaza 1.4 million people
are held prisoners in extreme poverty, insecurity and humiliation – with no rights“

Öryggi / Safety  [click]

Jóhanna Márgret Tryggvadóttir
Skólatúni 5, 225 Álftanesi, Iceland
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