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Jackie Batey: WE'RE SORRY

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110mm x 135mm with 30 pages. The cover is printed on heavy card and is held shut by a slide-off
hazard-tape belly band.

The inside cover is printed with a pattern of apologies. The 30 inside pages are printed in black on
blue paper, they are bound into the book in two sections in an unusual 'W' sewn binding. Click on
the image for a detail. The photographic images are printed on sticker paper then cut out using a
perforation cutter and stuck into the book. Produced in an edition of 10 each book is numbered
and signed.

Have you noticed that the more life apparently gets better, the more things seem to break down?
Vending machines, ticket machines, cash machines and computers all conspire to refuse us their
automated service - spitting-out notes and stealing change. It doesn't end there, public toilets are
locked or broken and automated turnstiles simply refuse to let us pass.

Surprisingly this mechanical entropy seems to have gone unnoticed. However, through the course of
a few months armed with a camera phone I recorded the mechanical revolt that is gradually gathering
pace all around us. We're Sorry_ is a salute to brokenness and the signs that announce it

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