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Judy Hoffman about her Artist's Books:
   How could a book, something so inherently human made, appear instead as an unusual form of nature?
Could it seem to be created out in the wilderness without traditional tools and materials? The Wild Book
series and the Tree and Leaf Texts series explore this idea. The origins of the sculptural books are
interconnected with the fantastical ecosystems that grow and evolve from the discarded debris of a
commodified culture.

   Like the elements in my installations, the books are improvisations on the structures of plant and animal life.
Keeping in mind the color, textures, and forms I wish to extrapolate from nature, I develop handmade paper
from abaca fiber and pigments to form my books. Pages are composites of leaves, fern parts, insect antennae,
branches, skins, fins and wings. Some have leafy pages and burst with sprouts and tendrils, caught in the midst
of growing. They are collections of my own hybrids of nature.

Judy Hoffman
New York, USA