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Leilei Guo: THE WAY

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Dimensions: 13.625 x 12.75?; 88 pages. Woodcut and silkscreen on rice paper. Concertina
structure. Bound in cloth, front board in white, back board in black. 2008.

On each page of The Way is a square woodblock print, consisting of the Chinese character
for Tao superimposed on a red figure. As the reader moves forward in the book, a darkening
silkscreened wash gradually blots out the character.

Then, performing a traditional gesture of Tai Chi, she moved her hand to and fro without
removing it from between the fold, and the pages turned or rather flowed and folded, each
over the next, as if of their own accord.  Gesturing from one side to the other and then back,
again and again, she moved the print toward its opacity or clarity, depending on the direction.
When she closed the volume, I could see that the board on one side was white, the board on
the other, black.


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