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roberta-foto.jpg (32397 bytes)   ROBERTA LAVADOUR, USA

A Binding Sampler  [click]  
By Day  [click]
By Day II  [click]
Chaos  [click
Curiosa  [click]
Fat Chance  [click]
Fiber Transformation  [click] 
Found: Poetry from the Digital Marketplace  [click
Gathering Fall  [click]
Harvest Moon  [click] 
Konk A Ree  [click]
Learning to Fly  [click]   
Letters/Lessons  [click] 
Love and Math: Resulting Complications  [click]
Migration  [click] 
My Waitress Dream  [click]
Nancy Kelly Sheppard  [click]
Nest  [click
Proof  [click] 
Re Bound  [click]
Re-Exploring Oregon [click]
Relative Memory  [click]
Remains  [click]  
Studies of Revisionist History  [click]
The Nature of Chairness  [click]  
The Office Politics Alphabeth  [click]
Typography Series #1  [click] 
Untitled 2000  [click] 
Untitled 2002  [click
Whip,Chop, Mix Grate, Puree, Blend ... Beat?  [click]

* Gyromancy (for you to print and assemble)  [click]

Roberta Lavador

Mission Creek Press

519 NW 9th Road, Pendleton, Oregon 97801, USA
- www.missioncreekpress.com