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Dinosaur Day  [click]
Enlightened Commencement  [click]
Flowers from the Collage Box  [click]
Guiding Unity  [click]
Hope Offering  [click]
Ixchel's Dream  [click]
Slat Book  [click]
Spirit Books Examples A  [click]
Spirit Books Examples B  [click]
Spirit Books Examples C  [click]
Spirit Books Examples D  [click]
Spirit Books Examples E  [click]

Books to print: May Day Book   [click]
Books to print: New Year Book  [click]

The Spirit Books offers a quiet, meditative space to engage with the spirit of nature and
the book as an object. It contains a collection of 34 evocative images from Susan
Kapuscinski Gaylord’s series of wordless volumes made from sticks, vines, roots, and
handmade papers that she has named the Spirit Books. She shares explanations of the
inspiration behind the creation of each one in a paperback book that has been described
as “wonderful,” “beautiful,” and “an amazing work of art.”


Go to Susan's website to see more of her Artist's Books


Susan Kapuscinsky Gaylord, USA