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8½  [click]
A Legend of a Rotten Context  [click]
A Look Toward You  [click]
Barfuss im Schnee I / II  [click]
Card Book  [click]
Congo Rhapsody  [click]
Domination, naturalization  [click]
Elias in der Zahlenwelt  [click]
Evylin  [click]
Hommage á El Lissitzky  [click]
Ilmatar, the Ether's Daughter  [click]
Maximilian's Praybook  [click]
Mindmaps  [click]
Pilgrim's Book  [click]
Present, Absent, en Retard  [click]
Rhytmus le Rouge  [click]
Tage gehen langsam  [click]
You Shall, You Shall Not  [click]

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Born  in Berlin 1966 / lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Main techniques: collage,
artists’ books, painting / studied and graduated as Master of Fine Arts from the College
of Art and Design, Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Germany 1985-1990, Ecole Nationale
Superiéurè des Beaux-Arts à Paris, France 1990-1996.

Since 1993 numerous individual and group exhibitions in France, Germany, Finland,
Russia, USA and Japan / work in public collections in Europe and the USA / co-curator f
or numerous artists’ book exhibition / has been living and working  in different countries
and speaks many languages fluently

Tatjana Bergelt
Kyytönkuja 4, 00730 Helsinki, Finland